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Step 1. Explore the [IMPACT] of Phrase-Keywords.

Building Homes

Phrase-Keywords are impactful by the way it simplifies the documentation process with a standardized writing style that's easy to learn and apply on any project. So whether your creating training materials or documenting manual test cases, your team can start benefiting today!

Expected Result:  The [IMPACT] page is displayed in a new tab.

Step 2. [E X P A N D] your test coverage.

Dazzling Light

Phrase-Keywords as a writing style was first created to support both manual and automated test case creation. While it's expanded to support much more, the core roots remain intact. If you are a QA Software Tester, make sure you contact us about our free [167 hour] evaluation period!

Expected Result:  The [E X P A N D] page is displayed in a new tab.

Step 3. [BOOST] your test automation.

Race Car Inspection

When QA teams utilize Phrase-Keywords to their full potential, they empower their manual testers with no prior programming knowledge to create End-to-End test flows that can also drive automation. The test cases can then be structured to reuse shared steps we call [ROCs] and [PRLs]. 

Expected Result:  The [BOOST] page is displayed in a new tab.

Step 4. [T.R.A.I.N.] your testing team.

Business Presentation

Phrase-Keywords are very easy to learn and start using within the first day of introduction. We recommend watching the Founder's Podcast for helpful content about the [Phrase-Keywords] approach. You can request team training sessions using the Contact Us form. 

Expected Result:  The [Founder's Podcast] page is displayed in a new tab.

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