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Step 7. Learn about the [Founder] of Phrase-Keywords.

Expected Result:  The [About] page is displayed in this tab.

Omari Headshot.jpg

[Phrase-Keywords] was founded by Omari W. Dixon in 2010 while he was working as a Test Automation Lead at a top Fortune 500 company. He was tasked with the implementation of a scalable automation approach and framework solution for his client's QA team to leverage across multiple software testing projects. 


The challenges that this project presented sent him to the drawing board to identify creative ways to implement a keyword-driven framework solution. He envisioned a solution that would empower non-technical QA testers to document test flows using a standardized set of keywords. The keywords within these test flows proved to work successfully in their ability to drive large automation suites.  It was at this point that he pushed the envelope further and expanded his keywords into readable sentence like structures he called Phrases. This was the birth of what's known to today as [Phrase-Keywords].

Since then, Omari has implemented [Phrase-Keywords] on a number of large multi-million dollar development/testing projects that span across globally distributed manual and automation testing teams.  Having stood the test of time, [Phrase-Keywords] stand out today as a game changing approach to both manual and automation testing.

Currently, Omari is retired from the QA field and is working to inspire and motivate urban youth into IT technology through his podcast and public speaking engagements across the country.  If you would like to consider him as a guest speaker for your upcoming event, he can be reached via the Contact Us form. 

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