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Story Boarding with the [PKD] Tool

The Phrase-Keyword Designer Tool, PKD, is the perfect solution for story creators that want to create a story board without depending on a visual artist or graphic design software.

The PKD Tool uses a feature called [Injection] to auto-populate a variety of steps needed to create a scene. Once the steps are injected, all the story creator has to do is make little modifications to adapt the scene to their desired outcome.

Stay tuned for a training podcast to cover this topic!


Want full access to the PKD's [Injection] feature?

Send a [One-time] donation for 30 day access, or a [Monthly] donation for ongoing access.

  • One-time donations of [$16.70] can be sent via Cashapp.

  • Monthly donations are a [$16.70] subscription to our Patreon.

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